Affiliate Program

EzyFax is looking for reseller/ introducer/agent.

Join our affiliate program now and start generating additional income by referring EzyFax to people you knows.

How to join the EzyFax affiliate program?

Our goal is always keeping things simple and it is the same with our affiliate program as well. All you have to do can be summarized in 3 steps:

STEP 1: Complete the Affiliate Program Registration Form.

STEP 2: Check your email within 48 hours for all the important information about EzyFax Affiliate Program.

STEP 3: Start recommending EzyFax to your business associate and friends. All successful sign up and renewal of contracts will bring you the additional incentive reflected in your account.

How am I rewarded?

Your incentive is based on the number of referee per month and the total subscription fee.

No of New Customer per month Incentive
1-10 14%
11-25 16%
26-50 18%
51 and above 20%

For example, you have successfully referred 13 new customers to sign up with EzyFax and the total subscription amount is RM2340.00. You will receive an incentive of RM374.40 (RM2340.00 x16%)

That is not all we are offering you. For every renewal of contract from your referred customer, you will be rewarded 5% as well.


Some notes about EzyFax Affiliate Program

  1. Incentive will be credited to your account once a month.
  2. You may request for pay out once the credit in your account exceeds RM100.
  3. Payout is issued at the end of the month.
  4. You can not register an existing customer as new customer.
  5. In order for us to know the customer is referred by you, any of the following situation will be accepted:
    • Ask your referee to filled in your agent code in the “Recommended by” field in the order form
    • Sign up via a special URL we provide you in the email after you join EzyFax Affiliate Program
    • Email us the details of the referral (customer name, fax number assigned) if the referee forgot to put the agent code during registration.