How It Works?


EzyFax is an easy-to-use Internet Fax solution that allows you to send and receive faxes through the internet instead of being tied down to the traditional fax machine and phone line.

With EzyFax, you will have a dedicated local fax number which allows you to receive faxes, which are then delivered immediately to your email! No more waiting around the fax machine for that important fax to arrive, or other people accidentally taking your fax. You are now free to receive your faxes and view them using your smart phone or any Internet hotspot.

And that is not all! EzyFax also allows you to send out faxes through your favourite Internet browser or mobile device.

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Benefits Traditional fax machine
Free trial period icon-check icon-x
NO equipment costs icon-check icon-x
NO maintenance costs icon-check icon-x
NO paper, cartridge costs icon-check icon-x
NO additional phone line costs icon-check icon-x
Environmentally friendly icon-check icon-x
NO additional phone line costs icon-check RM 26 /month
Environmentally friendly YES NO
Mobility (smartphones, internet etc) YES NO
Cost of receiving fax (per page) FREE >RM 0.07(paper, ink)

How Does EzyFax Work?

Receiving Fax

Once your EzyFax account has been activated, any fax sent to your dedicated fax number will be forwarded to your registered email address. A copy will also be kept in your EzyFax account for your convenience.


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Sending Fax

Sending fax is as easy as sending an email!

Login to our online portal and attach a file that you wish to fax out and enter the recipient’s fax number. You can even schedule a fax to be sent out at a specific time that you desire.


Download detailed user guide

Mobile Site

We are now on mobile! Read your faxes anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone. Never miss a fax again! You can even send faxes from your mobile phone. It’s never been this convenient!

Get mobile today by simply logging into the mobile site