More Info on EzyFax

A new logo, improved service!

EzyFax is proud to introduce our new logo, which has been redesign to better visually convey what our service all about – eco-friendly, convenient, cost-saving, reliable and secure!

The green color represents the environment-friendly nature of the paperless e-fax service. Less paper use means less trees being chopped down leading to a greener environment and also preservation of wildlife.

Going green also helps our customers save money as there is no need to buy paper, a physical fax machine, toner or even pay for a phone line anymore!

The blue color represents the ease and convenience of EzyFax, as you can now send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. You can send faxes through any internet browser or mobile device and all faxes received are delivered straight to your email account. It’s also a secure service as all document stored in our password-protected portal and your email account – away from prying eyes!

It’s time to go green, save cost and save time with EzyFax!